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The internet is full of tips and information on how to have a better sexual experience with many of the advisers claiming to be the best. However, findings have shown that many of them are far from being reliable and that many of the so-called experts do not have much knowledge about what they are saying, which makes their advice to be unreliable. Before you can take the word of an expert for it on the issue of adult sex and how to have fun endlessly, you should first find out how reliable or otherwise the so-called expert is. In this write-up, we will provide you with specific tips about this adult sex so that you can have fun endlessly without compromising your security or safety.

Towards a better sex

A recent study shows that up to 94% of women in Canada have never had any link with sex education since they were in high school. This should not be surprising to many since the issue of sex is seldom discussed as part of formal training in many institutions or even outside the classroom. Studies have also shown that a lack of proper sex education is one of the factors preventing people from having safe and fulfilling adult sex experience. The issue may seem to be unimportant, but it is a significant issue that must never be handled with kids gloves.

Why do adults need excellent and sound sex education? It is because the summer season is here and this season is accompanied by a high level of energy that prompts many to seek solace in sex. The season is equally connected with lots of vacation, which inspires romance culminating infrequent sex. Aside from keeping the adult safe, sex education will also make the adult enjoy every moment. Not having such a piece of knowledge may add some boredom to life. You may not believe it, but sex education can help your sex life a lot and make it more fulfilling. Adequate training can also remove the monotony from sex and make it enjoyable. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to some essential tips to consider so that you can make your sex life a lot more interesting.

Adult sex

Mood change

There is a change in mood during the summer months. The summer brings an increase in energy level, sex drive, and attitude. The heat has a way of boosting your hormonal changes, which will pump more testosterone and estrogen into your bloodstream. One of the hormones affected is Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). This hormone is one of the primary hormones linked to a rise in sex drive. Sunlight has a way of triggering an increase in secretion and production of sex hormones. Another hormone responsible for an increase in adult sex drive is serotonin, a very popular neurotransmitter.

Serotonin is a unique neurotransmitter associated with mood elevation, and its level can also be boosted by sunlight. During more extended days/shorter nights periods, there is always an increase in dopamine production in the body. Studies show that dopamine can increase testosterone, which can increase your sex drive. Stress can be reduced by practical changes in the environment, like relaxed vacations, long weekends, lighter workloads and more socializing. These changes can equally boost your libido aside from increasing your happiness. Every adult seeking to make the most of adult sex needs to realize these changes as they can contribute a lot to your sex life.

Get creative

Gone are the days when a couple finds fulfillment in the missionary sex position. These days, couples should get creative with sex so that they can make the most of every opportunity. If your wife or girlfriend is not keen on having sex, it may be due to the monotony that your sex life has suffered. If you have tried to spice things up, but your girlfriend or wife is not responding accordingly, you can get a girl of your liking elsewhere to help spice up your sex life. If your girlfriend or wife is not responding to your advances about spicing things up, these other girls will be on hand to add pep to your experience.

Go for fun

You can put an end to that unwanted boredom by merely checking out girls in places like clubs and bars. Yeah, some girls may drop in at the club now and then to catch fun and relax. Some of them may just come out to chill, while some other ones may be on the lookout for a guy to have sex with. Such girls are easy to pick out. They may be ion the company of their female friends laughing at the club, or they may be sitting alone by themselves, either nursing a drink or not drink gin at all. When you see such a girl at a night club, that girl is your perfect target. If you play your card games right, she may be most willing to warm your bed for the night. If she isn’t a call girl, she may even not demand a dime. Studies show that such girls are most willing to explore new sex positions, whatever they may be. Consequently, you can partner with them to spice up your sex life and make the entire experience even more interesting.

Check below for some helpful tips that can help spice up your adult sex life:

Quit the bed: The bed is the most common place where people have sex. The sight of the bed can even make sex monotonous. You can break that unwanted rule and monotony by making up your mind not to have sex in bed for a given period. You can start with say 12 weeks. Instead of having sex on the couch, you can have it on the floor, on the table, in the kitchen or the bathroom. These modifications will help her to view sex in a different light, and she will be more willing to stick to you for longer. Yes, the new introductions can heighten her mood and yours.

Surprise sex can work: A date night can do wonders in the lives of a couple and can make her stick forever. Be that as it may, you can give her surprise sex in the place of a date night. You can try this once in a week to spice up your sex life. Instead of a date night, what about a blindfolded role-play scenario, phone sex, lingerie shopping, hot oil massage or even a bubble bath? These modifications can work wonders ion her fragile mind. These modifications will introduce a unique spontaneity into your sex life and make things more creative in your adult sex life.

Read erotic stories together: Violet Blue, Fifty Shades, Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples and Down and Dirty are some of the erotic stories that you and she can read together to spice up your adult sex life. Imagine reading erotic stories with her; it is sure to turn her on like crazy. She will be more interested in acting out those scenes with you.

Sexy Lady

Outdoor sex works wonders

One other way to spice up your adult sex life is via outdoor sex. Or you can decide to have sex in unexpected places, including places in which the two of you have never had sex before. However, it is advisable always to plan ahead before you venture into that. Also, do not be afraid to talk to her about sex from time to time.

Furthermore, you should not be too scared to ask questions related to sex. It will help both of you to keep an open mind and be freer with each other. There is no better way to remove that invisible emotional and psychological division between the two of you than this.

If she is worried about sex, you should ask her to use birth control or condom if she is scared about infection. The two of you can equally go for a medical checkup to alleviate the fear of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

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