Dogging Shopping List

Dogging Shopping List


Dogging simply translates to having sex with a total stranger in a public place with other people watching the act. The experience is unique and can fill you with adrenaline. At times, swingers can participate in dogging. Dogging may be an illegal activity, but those who participate in it usually have a set of rules that they follow.

There are numerous specialists and public forums online where you can get advice and hints on dogging locations. Many of these platforms equally give you updates about the latest dogging activities, including those that happened just recently and those that are yet to come up. They provide the specific time, date and location where these dogging activities will take place so that you can participate if you so desire.

In most instances, the locations preferred by doggers are usually places where uninvited guests will not be able to reach. While voyeurs are permitted to watch the activities going on, the extent to which they can participate or watch is determined by the participants.

In most cases, those who participate in dogging prefer to do it inside cars. The participants make a fun sex game out of the entire process so that those who are watching will know how they can get involved.

Do you love to get involved in dogging but you do not have adequate information about how to prepare? You can get an update about places where dogging takes place on the internet. Some websites are dedicated to providing helpful information about dogging so that you will never miss the fun. You can equally get informed about where you can have dogging fun with your girl in your country from the internet. Bear in mind that many countries have locations mostly frequented by doggers. You also need to buy one or two items and take them along with you to the dogging site so that you can be adequately prepared. Some of the things you need to buy will be discussed in the remaining part of this write-up.

Dogging shopping list


You need a condom if you must play safe during dogging. As a result, you must always buy as many condoms as possible while going for dogging. Do you plan to let others join in the fun too aside from your first partner during the dogging process? Then you will need to take many condoms along with you. Condoms are made for both males and females. You should never bank on others bringing condom; so, you should bring them by yourself. If you are a female, you should buy different sizes of condoms since you may come across male sexual partners requiring different sizes so that each of your sex partners can find one condom that is comfortable for him. As a female going for dogging, you should be ready for practically anything.

Other important items to bring along are latex surgeon’s gloves. The latex gloves can be worn by anyone that may want to touch your body or insert fingers into your genitals. Protection during oral play can also be ensured by using dental dams or plastic wrap.

Lube it up

Lube is required during dogging if you want the process to go unhindered and smoothly. When buying lube, you should focus only on water-based lubes; examples are KY-Jelly. Oil-based lubes have been discovered to degrade latex condoms. Aside from the oil-based and water-based lubes, there is a third type, which is based on silicone. Even if your body self-lubricates, you still need the lubes for better lubrication. The natural lubricant produced by the body never continues for long, but applying the lube can keep the lubrication going for hours. Aside from ensuring a better and smoother sexual experience, lubrication also helps you to reach orgasm faster and more frequently. Lubes are not just available in tubes; they are also available in single-use packets. Before any man starts having fun with you, give them a condom and as little lube packet each to protect yourself; bear in mind that you are a woman and stand a greater chance of getting infected faster than a man.

Buy a blanket

A blanket is one other item you will need to buy while shopping for dogging items. Having sex on the bare floor or ground may sound exciting, but it can get you bruised all over. The picnic table is also not a very soft place to have sex, neither is the hood of your car, especially if there is nothing covering the hard floor. The metal on the hold floor and the concrete on the bare ground can prevent you from having adequate fun offered by the dogging process; the friction and pain can ruin the fun. Even a splinter of wood from the picnic table can force you to call it a day.
You can spare yourself from experience any of the harsh realities by coming along with a blanket and any other thing that can prevent friction with hard surfaces. Never forget to also buy a pillow to rest your head while going for dogging. What about bringing an air mattress along with you to the dogging site? Do not think it is a strange idea; you will not be the only that has ever done that. Many dogging enthusiasts do so. The mattress does not have to be as big as an air mattress; a thinner mattress or soft pad can also make a lot of difference. You will have more fun during dogging if you give more thought to your comfort and prepare ahead for it. You can equally do it on your car’s seat since the seat can promote comfort a great deal.


A flashlight or any other source of light can equally make a world of difference during dogging. Make sure you get a source of light ready when going for dogging. It is either you go with a fully-charged rechargeable lamp or torchlight or a flashlight that uses replaceable batteries. If you are choosing the latter, make sure you go along with extra batteries so that you can have a consistent light all through the dogging period. The flashlight will help you to light your area if you are one of the participants in dogging; it will also help you to catch all the fun if you are a voyeur. The flashlight even becomes more important if the dogging it going to take place in a dark secluded area.

Furthermore, the flashlight will help you to see any insect or reptiles that may crawl to the spot where you are dogging. Without a flashlight, you may get bitten or harmed in the process. Having a flashlight ready can prevent this. Additionally, you should have the flashlight always on.

Furthermore, the flashlight can be used in signaling voyeurs that the dogging fun is about to begin. There is a specific manner in which you can signal voyeurs with your flashlight. You may flash it repeatedly to bring the voyeurs closer to the site of the dogging. You may also leave the car door open to tell the voyeurs that they are welcome.

Cleaning materials

While shopping in preparation for dogging, you also need to shop for several cleaning items with which you can clean up after dogging. It is a well-known fact that dogging is usually messy. Of course, you cannot head home with all the stink, dirt and stains tagging along with you. You need to clean up after the entire process so that you can retain your sanity and cleanliness after dogging.
Some of the cleaning items you can buy in preparation are:

●  Tissue papers

●  Paper towels

●  Baby wipes

You can equally go along with a couple of hand towels or something bigger, which can help remove the stain and stench from you and prevent embarrassment. Furthermore, you can take along with you a bottle or two of water; it can equally help out with the cleanup process.
What about some disinfectants or antiseptic products? They will also prove to be useful after the dogging. You can add a measure or two of the antiseptic products to water, mix the two and use it to clean your genitals. You can also dip the hand towel, baby wipe, paper towel or tissue paper into the antiseptic mixture and use it to wipe your body. It will make you feel fresh and new after the fun of dogging.

Plastic bag also essential

One other important item to consider when shopping for dogging items is a plastic bag. You can pack all the waste materials used during the dogging fun into the bag so that you can keep the dogging site as clean as you met it. One of the prevailing rules in dogging is that doggers should clean up the location after they have rounded off so that members of the public will not see any disgusting item lying around by the next morning; bear in mind that dogging usually takes place in public places like parks, gardens, car parks and so on.
Make sure you pick up all the used items, like baby wipes, condom wrappers, used condoms, and all other items and dump them into the plastic bag. Dogging is fun to those who get involved in it, but their fun should not be turned into a burden for others. After putting all the used items into the plastic bag, tie it properly and dispose of the bag safely; you can either dispose it at a proper receptacle at the dogging site or you take it home with you and dispose it at home.

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