Aussiecupid- Dating in Australia


Aussiecupid helps to bring Australian people interested in serious dogging and dating together for interaction. To be able to access profiles of members registered with this site, you only need to sign up at no cost and immediately start conversing with many Australian singles looking for relationships using the advanced messaging features of this site.

Though Australians may not be the best in romance in the world, they have some dating websites to keep them going on. Whether you are interested in looking for adventure, love or even a casual sex encounter, you will find what you are looking for in these sites.

However, Aussiecupid and Dogging is the site that I discovered to be extremely different from some of the fantastic dating sites everyone is currently joining. You can quickly register and become a member of this site regardless of your location.

Interacting with Aussies

I currently went through this site, and some profiles honestly made me smile widely. Australian humor will undoubtedly make your day enjoyable. When you decide to experience online dating, try to loosen a bit and don’t take yourself too seriously. You should also be ready for some friendly teasing from the local’s, and all these forms part of this dating experience.

I realized straight from the beginning that most people, both guys, and ladies, in this site are purposely searching for intimate relationships and casual hookups. Surprisingly though, there are also people searching for long-term relationships, some that could even lead to marriage sometimes.

Aussiecupid is purposely for local dating

I realized that most women in this site are not from within Australia. Maybe they don’t understand that this site has been created with the primary objective of helping Australians interact and effectively date. One may, however, argue that these ladies would be probably willing to relocate into this region to communicate with their perfect match. This seems a little bit confusing though because this site is apparent on its aim of connecting Australian people.

Interacting with new people

As I previously stated, this site is not similar to most sites since they give you the freedom of selecting whoever you are interested in dating. You can easily make your own decisions on this site and even come up with your intimate personal connections. This site, however, provides and sets an accessible path of interacting with other people which is very useful especially for people unfamiliar with this site and newbie.

Therefore, when you come across a person that you are interested in, you can easily display your interest while still maintain your composure. I realized that sending an icebreaker or posting a comment on someone’s profile picture can be very useful. This is because no one cares if one doesn’t get a response and your identity is anonymous

Messaging on the Aussiecupid dating site

On finally ‘breaking the ice,’ to start a conversation and draw the other person’s attention, there are various choices that you can make to take things further in this site;

Site’s video chat machine

It is essential nowadays to confirm if your ‘new Australian crush’ is genuine in existence and not some scammer from other continents in the world very far away from Australia. This site has a video chat machine feature that you can utilize for this purpose. You should not let trick you by claiming they can’t afford a webcam as they are cheap these days.

Language help

People still meet with non-Australians in this site. You will find many Filipinos, Thais, and Indonesians in this site. Due to this reason, the site has a button that is designed purposely for offering language assistance. You need to click on this button and messages with your desired mate will instantly be translated.

Email messaging

When you send emails or private offline messages to your desired mate, they go directly into their inbox so that they can be read at their free personal time. This site guarantees its members’ email addresses confidentiality to ensure that you can converse anonymously and safely. However, waiting for replies in this site, just like most dating sites, can be frustrating especially if you are a very impatient person.

Finding your perfect match on this site

So as to find your ideal match in this site, you need to go to the search section where you will various searching buttons. They interestingly allow you to create your personal searches that you can then save for later use thus saving you a lot of time.

The site is entertaining!

The social side of this dating site happens to be very addictive. You can enjoy yourself by having a look at the people’s comments, posted photos and utilizing online chat feature. As I previously stated, communicating with a person with a premium membership is not a problem.

If you consider the demographic views of this site, you will realize that most women have an Asian background mostly due to the location of this region.

Conclusion – Aussiecupid

Any person who loves Australia will love Aussiecupid. The only criticism concerning this dating site is that it lacks the same pull as compared to other big sites. However, if you are located in some remote place, you may not end up meeting a person next door anyhow. This site functions effectively and successively for people who are flexible and open-minded concerning the people they meet or where they reside.

Additionally, we have realized that to enjoy all the benefits of this dating site, you must upgrade to a premium subscription after the free registration process.