Doggers in Queensland


Church Rd Bethania, 1 street light, 3 x 3 cagey area on left  second last drive on street  sweet spot, Unknown yet but what a great spot spread the word. End of church Rd Bethania, just north of Beenleigh,nice b... read more

Gold Coast Cascade Gardens Broad Beach

Along Cascade Gardens Broad Beach to the left, just after you leave convention center as you head north, you can find some good fun here as the darkness sets in. Even very early in the morning, at the southern end of the... read more


Just 50 meters away from Marcoola Surf Club, you will find a car park on the same side of the road as the surf club. Here you will find so many couples and a number of single girls. On a Friday or Saturday evening especi... read more

Mount Coot Tha

You really have to give the Ghost Gums a try, especially on the upper road at Mt. Coot-tha. Take a walk down the park until you get to the picnic shelter well that is in the park. For couples, you can give Slaughter Fall... read more

Gold Coast

When driving on Mattock Rd. Burleigh Waters, pull over along South (Dog Park) Car Park. Leave a water bottle on top of your roof, or if you plan on walking in, just put the water bottle on the ground between your legs. T... read more

Mt. Kynoch water treatment

This is off New England highway as you head to Highfields. You will drive past the 70 Km sign, but get off just before you get to the lights. There is always a good view of the city from here, and you will never miss som... read more

Shelly Beach Carpark Caloundra

After 9.00 pm every other day, you will find some people here. It is a good spot for couples, and you will also find some M&M action too. In most cases this goes on in the car with or without lights. Try and lookout ... read more

Under Burdekin Bridge

Drive to the highway at United. At that highway, pull off the highway when you get to United on the left. Drive straight ahead until you get to the end of the trail, right under the bridge. You should be able to see some... read more

Gold Coast Spit

Most of the time on a Friday or Saturday you can come to the place just before you get to Nara Resort. Take that diversion that heads to the Surf Beach and you will find a lot of people, couples to be precise, by the bea... read more