Doggers in VICTORIA

Dogging at Perce White Reserve (Near West Gate bridge)

Gate Bridge. While on M1, you have to take Todd Road and then take a right to get to the White Reserve, and then go straight to the end of the car park, in which you may leave your car. Then, you should walk across the p... read more

Dogging at Knoxfield Victoria

Located in the middle of the suburban area of Knoxfield, Victoria, Lakewood Drive is a really nice location. As this is a Lake Park surrounded by a suburban area, you’ll find it quite peaceful and private. There are a ... read more

Dogging at Williamstown Victoria

This one is located in Battery Road, down at Williamstown, Victoria. Specifically, you have to go by Morris St. from the centre of the town towards Battery road, then you’ll have to take a right turn just at the Willia... read more


There is a walk path along Beach Rd. Find a parking space in the car park then take a walk up the track. You will go past the toilets, head into the bushes. There is a hole in the fence on the right side along the track.... read more

Ararat Green Hill Lake

For such a small country town, this is a really busy spot. Drive into the reserve east of Ararat, just off the Western Highway. Go down the tracks round the lakeshore. You should see the toilet block. Proceed ahead until... read more

Victoria Gardens High St Prahran

After darkness sets in, this is a very good place to be. There are a number of quiet spots where you can relax and have a good time. You can also sit and enjoy some quiet on the Rotunda. It is quite an impressive place t... read more


You can try the blocks off the bush behind the caravan park, close to the Weir bridge. Another option would be to drive down Murray Valley as you head to Wangaratta, then before you reach Silverwoods, take the turn at th... read more

Green Gully Reserve Rear Car Park

Off Green gully Reserve, you should take the roundabout to the right, then drive to the end of the lane. You should see a gravel car park. It is a quiet place, secluded and people rarely come here. You can stay here and ... read more

Balyang Reserve

When you exit Shannon Avenue, drive onto Marnock Rd until you pass the old mill. As you head towards the public toilets, especially near the car park you should see some action. There is also another small car park just ... read more