Western Australia

Best Dogging Sites in Perth, Western Australia

North Dandalup Dam

Dogging in North Dandalup Dam was one of the locations sent in to us via the new pop up we created if you know more information on this location please email us and we will be happy to update this location ASAP thank you... read more

Mount Lawley, Western Australia

Mount Lawley is hot for dogging and it is one of the best dogging sites in Western Australia. It is located off Woodsome Street along Mt Lawley Senior High School and Hammer Park. You only need to drive into the park of ... read more

Forrestdale Sports and Recreation Oval Center

Sunday Night for Dogging Have you ever thought of having a sweet dogging experience with your girlfriend on a Sunday night as part of the plan to round off the week? It is high time you considered the Forrestdale Sport... read more

Sandy Beach Walpole

Are you looking for the perfect dogging site in Western Australia and none has come to mind yet? You should consider Sandy Beach WALPOLE, Western Australia; this will prove to be the perfect location you desire. There is... read more

Piney Lakes

Piney Lakes, Western Australia is another hot spot for dogging in the Western Australian region. The place is rather quiet and not as noisy as some other dogging sites in this region. If you do not like too much crowd be... read more


Whaler's Cove in Albany is one hot spot that can serve your dogging needs perfectly. Stop limiting your sex life to the bedroom with your wife or girlfriend; it is time to add some fun to the mix by bringing her out here... read more

East Perth Power Station

East Perth power station is easy to locate and it remains one of the hottest dogging sites in Australia. It is located off East Parade on the road leading to Graham Farmer Freeway. You can drive to the end of the road,... read more

Woodland Parade, Mandurah

Woodland Parade in Mandurah, Western Australia is the place to be for dogging. Are you in Australia, Western Australia or Mandurah for the first time and you do not know how to find the location? You can follow the dire... read more


The nude beach is one place playing host to doggers in Bunbury and this had been the case for several years. You can hold her hand and take her for a walk into the sand hills along the beach or you can take your search f... read more