Dogging Stories

Dogging Stories

Dogging Stories

Our sex life was going down the drain, and the passion was dying fast long before I started my dogging stories. I needed to do something fast, and I felt the solution was belated already. I tried asking Judith, my girlfriend, for suggestions on what she thought we could do, but she was as bereft of an idea as myself. Despite all effort I made to turn things around for the better, nothing seemed to be working. Many nights, the two of us would sleep without even a good night kiss. The passion seems to have drained from our veins. I loved my girlfriend so much, and I never wanted to lose her. The possibility of another man taking her from me and driving her crazy with sexual ecstasy was enough to drive me nuts. I knew I would die if such should happen, so, I kept on making efforts to turn things around in an attempt to prevent the uncomfortable possibility of completely losing her love to someone else.

The meeting with Josh

Josh was a pal at the night club I frequented on weekends. We had shared few drinks together a couple of times, and we have developed something similar to friendship. I came down for a drink that weekend looking downcast and ready to drink myself into a stupor in an attempt to forget about my worries as regards the dying sexual flame between my girlfriend and me.

Josh noticed that I was taking more than the usual quantity of alcohol and he expressed his worries about this. At that moment, I felt I needed someone to talk to, and I could not resist the urge to let it all out. I let the cat out of the bag and Josh listened patiently till the end of my long, painful story without uttering a word. When I finished my storytelling, Josh, with his eyes fixated on mine, told me not to worry.

“Have you tried different sex positions with her?” he asked, to which I answered in the affirmative.

What about dogging?

Well, I have heard about dogging a couple of times in the past, but I never gave it a second thought, neither did I know what it entailed. Josh, like a willing coach, took his time to explain what dogging was all about and how it is a potent cure to the dull sexual life my girlfriend and I were experiencing. By the time he finished his tutelage, I knew in my heart that my dogging stories have started.

Broaching the idea to her

I planned to get drunk that night, but I just could not go through with the plan anymore, thanks to my encounter with Josh at the bar. I rarely finished my drink before dashing out of the bar after giving Josh a quick “thank you.” All I had on my mind was how to sell the dogging idea to my girlfriend. She was still up when I knocked on the door, and she was taken aback to see me back home so early on a Saturday night. She was doubly surprised when she saw the glow and urgency on my face.

I led her by the hands gently to the sitting room, sat her down and poured her a drink. I then gently brought up the dogging idea and made it sound like the most interesting thing since sliced bread; well, I discovered later that dogging is more interesting than imaginable. By the time I finished my polished narratives, I saw her looking straight at me with her softest gaze ever. I was a little taken aback. I was not expecting her to react so coolly; I was expecting an outburst of anger and total rejection.

I was completely transfixed when her soft gaze gave way to a sexy smile. Then I felt I was drifting to the heavenly when she told me she had been thinking of selling the idea to me long before now but she was not sure how I was going to take it! And that was how we agreed to go for our very first dogging experience, which marked the beginning of our dogging stories. We made arrangements for next weekend.

I was not entirely comfortable with the idea at first, but I was ready to do anything that would restore fire and passion between my girlfriend and me. They told me it would work and I was, therefore, ready to give it a try.

Well, we gave it a try and the first night turned out not to be the only night; DoggingOnline has become an integral part of our sex life, and it has drawn Judith and me closer than ever before.