Age 22
Town Wollongong
Location embla, NSW


I hate flowers! Don’t even think of giving me one because you might take my breath away. I mean that literally. I am deadly allergic to flowers. One time, this random dude from a bar, give me a flower and I almost died on the spot. I don’t want to experience that again. If I […]


Its been a while since I have a great pleasurable sex. I’m here for a casual fling with a nice respectable guy. Nothing too kinky, must be clean and drug free. Discreet NSA. Daytimes are best


I’m interested in sex, I like big cocks. I like my men older than me. I like daddy role plays. I like black cocks yummy


i am a fun-loving woman who is passionate and horribly addicted to blueberry cheesecake. Seriously, I can eat the same thing for days. Most of the time, I feel empty whenever I dont get a slice for dessert. There are also a lot of things that Im willing to share with anyone, as long as […]