What is Dogging – Etiquette: 14 Rules to Follow

What is Dogging – Etiquette: 14 Rules to Follow

What is Dogging – Etiquette: 14 Rules to Follow

One-third of Americans admit to having had sex in a public place. But dogging takes this one step further.

While having sex in a public place may be a thrill for some, dogging is a bit more involved. Instead of hoping you won’t get caught, if you participate in dogging, you’re guaranteeing other people will come to watch you this is the dogging community.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the basic rules of dogging etiquette so that if you ever want to take a walk on the wild side, you’ll know how to behave appropriately.

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What is Dogging?

Dogging originated in the United Kingdom, as far as we know. While couples have been having sex in public for time immemorial, dogging is something a little bit different.

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase dogging came about in a rather unique way. It refers to a person who has gone out to walk their dog and has come across couples having sex in public. Instead of walking away and giving them their privacy, the individual watches and gets off on it.

With British culture having such an influence on Australia, and so many Brits making their way to our island, it’s no wonder dogging’s caught on here.

Below are some of the top rules for dogging if you decide to take on the hobby yourself.

1. Cleanliness is Key

If you plan on joining in with a couple or a group, make sure you’re clean. That means not only should you be responsible about getting tested for STIs at regular intervals, but you should also practice your own personal hygiene.

Shower and make sure you don’t have any funky smells emanating from your bits. If you plan to ask someone to go down on you, ensure that you’ve properly washed your genitals so that someone will actually want to lick them.

If you don’t engage in proper hygiene, don’t expect people to discourage you from joining in.

2. Go with a More Experienced Dogger the First Couple of Times

The dogging scene may take a while to navigate, and going on your own as a newbie might feel a little overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that you team up with a veteran dogger who can show you around the local scene. As most folks are friendly, someone will most definitely be happy to show you around.

It’s even better if your sexual partner for the evening, or your partner who likes to participate in dogging, is experienced. This way, you can join in, but still, have the protection and experience of your partner.

3. Use Common Sense When Meeting Strangers

A lot of the dogging scene involves meeting people online and hooking up in person. While this is a great way to meet those who share your interests, you’ll still want to operate with caution. Not everyone is looking out for your well being, so it’s a good idea to take precautions.

Don’t meet with strangers from the Internet in a secluded area alone. If you’re meeting someone for the first time at a dogging site, make sure other people will be there. Better yet, bring along a friend or a partner so that you’re sure you won’t be alone.

Predators exist in every aspect of society, so be aware of this.

4. Respect Homosexual Spaces

Some dogging spaces are strictly for homosexuals. They may or may not be okay with a heterosexual watching them for their own pleasure. And, they will probably not be okay with a member of the opposite sex joining in because it’s their fantasy.

If space is a gay dogging zone, ask ahead of time about rules for outsiders and heterosexuals. Don’t show up at a place you’re not welcome. You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you, so don’t do it to someone else.

5. Use a Condom

Using protection is important, especially if you’re dogging with people you don’t know that well. Joining in with a couple you’ve never met can be fun, but it can come with risks of infections and STDs. As such, you’ll want to ensure you bring a condom, whether you’re male or female.

Don’t have sex with someone who either insists on not wearing a condom or who says they won’t wear one. This is a great way to get an infection and cause health problems down the line.

Click here for a list of other things to bring with you when you go dogging.

6. Be Respectful of Those Dogging

Be mindful that although people are dogging, they still have their own personal boundaries. That means if they don’t want to do something you’re suggesting, they don’t have to. So, don’t pester people to do something you’re interested in that they aren’t. Instead, be respectful and watch the show.

7. Don’t Heckle

Yelling derogatory things at the doggers or pressuring people to start dogging is a sure-fire way for people to get annoyed and drive off. Instead, watch quietly and observe what other people in the group are doing when it comes to interacting with the doggers.

8. Know the Signals

There are a few signals that people use when dogging to let people know they’re interested in.

A flash of the headlights usually when your in a car park lets people know you’re interested in having them follow you somewhere to either watch or participate. Flashing the interior lights of the car means you’re keen to have someone watch you. Rolling down the windows or getting out of the car means you’re interested in the person approaching the car and touching you.

9. Ask Before Joining In

Even if someone does roll down their window or gets out of their car, you should ask before you join in. Don’t randomly get up on someone’s bits, as this can cause annoyance and irritation.

Instead, politely ask if they’re interested in another partner. They’ve come to dog, so they likely know people will ask to join in the fun. If they say yes, remember to respect their boundaries as you go in and have a good time.

10. Show Up on Time

No one likes waiting around for people, so show up on time if you intend to dog. That means that you’ll be where you are when you say you are. Don’t expect people to wait around for you if you lollygag when it comes to getting there.

11. Don’t Approach People Unless Given a Signal

While you should always ask before joining in, you should also wait for the signal in order to even approach the couple. Some people just get off on people watching them have sex from a distance. As such, they won’t roll down their windows or exit their car.

Wait for the couples or groups to do this before you approach. Then, ask if you can join in.

12. Cooperate with the Police

Dogging can be a legal grey area, and you’ll need to ensure you’re far away from any minors accidentally stumbling in on your activities. This can immediately make a fun outing into something more nefarious and illegal and could be a common-law offence.

If the police catch you or see you’re about to dog and ask you to leave, do it. Don’t stay and argue with them about what you can and can’t do. It’s easier to pack it in and call it a day.

13. Leave If Someone Else Asks You To

You may have stumbled upon a couple having sex in an out of the way location, but perhaps they’re not into dogging. Or maybe they only want people they know to watch them. If someone asks you to leave, do it and don’t ask questions.

14. Clean Up After Yourself

If the group has gotten out of the car and had sex on the ground or on the car itself, make sure you tidy up after yourselves. You don’t want to leave condoms, lube, wipes or sex toys around for people to stumble upon. They can be a health hazard for animals and wildlife, not to mention look pretty gross for passersby.

The Rules of Engagement: Dogging Etiquette

Dogging etiquette can be summed up in one phrase: be nice. As long as you’re respectful to others, you’ll have fun while dogging. Whether you do it with your long-standing partner, or simply like to dog with people you don’t know very well, there’s a whole world out there to explore.

Want to know about how to find local dogging hotspots in Australia? Click here for a helpful post on how to get your kicks and where to find like-minded folks near you.

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