New to Dogging the Dos and the Donts

New to Dogging the Dos and the Donts

New to Dogging the Dos and the Donts

Dogging is a nice idea, and you will always want to come back for more. If your wife or girlfriend does not like the idea of dogging, not to worry; there are several girls that are ever willing to make it worth your while. Also, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg to get the services offered by these girls. They are professionals and are ever willing to take you on mature dogging adventure. If you reside in Australia and you are interested in having dogging experience, there are several dogging websites you can patronize to get that sweet girl you can take on a dogging adventure.

While dogging might be one of the best experiences you can ever have in Australia, dogging has got its dos and donts that you must consider so as to have the best experience during dogging in Australia. These dos and donts are the main focus of this write-up. You need to take certain items along with you while you are going on dogging. You need to understand that dogging is completely informal and you may also want to know that it is somewhat illegal. However, the illegality is one of the factors that makes it something out of this world and highly passionate; some would stay Stolen water is sweeter. If you follow the dos and donts that are highlighted in this write-up, you will never get into trouble with families, the law or Rangers.


Most of the areas where people go for dogging in Australia are family areas where people relax during the day. However, these areas are used for dogging during the night. You must, therefore, keep in mind that your dogging adventure should be left to the nights alone. Some areas can also be used for dogging during the day. Before you ever attempt dogging in Australia, first find out the best time to visit that particular location for dogging. Some unique websites are dedicated to providing you with information on best time to go for dogging in any particular location.

Before you go for dogging, it is important to maintain good hygiene. As hinted earlier, there are some items you should take along so that your naughty dogging experience will not leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Some of the items that are very essential are warm clothing, a blanket, condoms, disposable gloves, KY jelly, mouthwash, tissues, deodorant and wet wipes.

Are you new in Australia and you are confused about where the dogging sites are located? Make sure you link up with someone that can give you the direction of the location so that you will not end up roaming the street endlessly in the night. Getting adequate information about the location saves you from missing the action or getting lost. There is no particular dress code for dogging. Be that as it may, make sure your dress is appropriate for the prevailing weather condition. Thick clothing will be the best choice during the winter months, while something light will just be perfect for the summer months. While going for dogging, always keep an easy mind. No need to fret or get anxious. If this is your first time of experiencing dogging, the girls you are engaging in dogging with are professionals, and they will lead you by the hands and direct you on what to do every step of the way. If you are a female, on the other hand, you can put on a top with zipping and also wear a skirt without any underwear. You should also ensure you stick to comfortable shoes that can work perfectly for fast walking or running in case such a need arises.

Once you arrive at the dogging location, you can signal to the other couples around for them to watch you and your girlfriend as you make your dogging stories. Do not forget that you are not the only person here; it is, therefore, very important that you fully respect the privacy of any other couple that may be at the dogging location. This is to tell you that you may not be alone at the site. If you and your girlfriend decide to go dogging inside your car, you can tell voyagers that they are welcome to watch by simply putting on the inside light of the car or flashing your headlights repeatedly. You can as well open the doors of the car or roll down the windows to invite others to come and watch.

While going on dogging, never forget to take some personal protection items along with you. If you are going in your car, the glove box will be the perfect place to keep your cell phone, wallets, and other items for safe keeping. Do you prefer beach dogging? Then a protective cover for your eyes will be a perfect consideration. Any item that can get stolen easily should not be left lying around in the car or outside it. You do not necessarily need to tell the girl your real name. Instead of real name, you can just use an alias, especially if you have concerns about your privacy. Always know your limits and stick to it. Communicate these limits to your pattern also so that they can respect your decisions. Never be afraid to try new things with her, but while doing this, always respect her opinions. This way, you can end the evening on a high.


Never offend her with your characters or behaviors. If you have got some lousy or offensive characters you try out with your buddies at home, do not bring such characters along to the dogging site or show them to her. While your buddies may find some of these characters hilarious, she may take offense. Never attempt to join the show as a voyager if you are not invited; this will be rude. You must never fail to respect peoples privacies if they do not want you to watch them as they are having sex with their girlfriends. Just leave them alone and walk away.

Never go for dogging with bad personal hygiene. Your rude languages should also be left at home and never brought to the dogging sites. You need to maintain strict control over your emotion and conduct. It is true that dogging is a somewhat wild sex experience; despite this, good conduct is still expected of you while with your dogging girlfriend. Never visit dogging locations at the wrong time. There are specific times that are perfect for dogging purposes in any particular location. Find out about this before you go with that sweet girl to the location for dogging; you may end up offering families and other people around such areas by your conduct, which they will term as indecent.

Aside from respecting the other adults at the dogging site, it is also very important to respect the environment. Never litter the environment with all sorts. When you are leaving the area, pick up all the things you might have dropped on the ground and make sure there is no trace of dogging after you have left the area. Never do anything that can start a fire in the dogging location, especially if it is a forest. Never just throw condoms out of your car, but dispose of them properly in trash cans.

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