Rules You Must Bear in Mind before Dogging

Rules You Must Bear in Mind before Dogging

Rules You Must Bear in Mind before Dogging

Rules You Must Bear in Mind before Dogging

Dogging is a unique experience and it will prove to be one of the best experiences you can ever have especially if your sex life is going down the drain and you desire to revive it. It is a term that originated in the UK and it means having sex either with a stranger or a known person, especially in a public place. It can equally take place in a car. Other individuals called voyeurs are also welcome to watch the sex scene or even participate in the fun. The term has become very popular in several countries, like the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Australia is equally not left behind in dogging. Dogging in Australia is fun-filled and you will never regret getting involved at all.

Be that as it may, there are certain rules you must bear in mind if you must enjoy dogging in Brisbane, any part of Australia or any country of the world for that matter. You can only have fun if you keep to the dos and avoid the don’ts of dogging. The rules and etiquettes make dogging interesting and safe for everyone participating in it. It equally ensures the safety of all involved. Your safety is important, same for the safety of others participating in dogging, which is one of the reasons to follow the rules and etiquettes discussed here. In this write-up, some of the rules you must follow to make a success of your dogging experience will be discussed.

The Dos

Search for partners
You should search for your dogging partners carefully and avoid going for a random girl. Also, the person must be willing to engage in dogging. Some of the places where you can get a female willing to go dogging are:

  • Online partner search

  • Discuss with a trustworthy friend

  • Send requests in public places

  • Check online forums dedicated

You should be very careful when looking for dogging partners online. You should put your acts about you and also use your common sense. If not, you will never get a good partner for dogging. You should practice caution since many of those you meet online are not what they claim to be in real life. So, always look before you leap when searching for dogging partners online. Avoid revealing your identifying or personal information to anyone online in your best interest.

Study the dogging location carefully

Before going to any location for dogging, carefully study the dogging sites to be sure that everything is going to be fine. Dogging usually occurs in places far away from public views, like deserted parks, car parks, gardens and so on. Even at that, you should be wary of dogging locations that are too far or too remote, especially if you do not have a car or other means of transportation. Near-by dogging locations are also safer than those remote locations. In case things go south during dogging, it is more difficult to get help in remote locations than dogging sites located close by. You can get help faster if the dogging takes place in close by locations.

Study that dogging location ahead of time before visiting there for fun. It may be better to go visiting during the day to study the environment. Look for possible exits from the location aside from the main entrance; the exits may turn out to be lifesavers in case things fail to go as planned. Take a mental note of where those exits are so that you can remember easily during the night and navigate your way through them in the case using the exits become necessary.

Bring your partner along

This may not be important for everyone, but it is advisable for females to bring their male partners to the dogging location; this can ensure your safety. However, make sure the male partner you bring along is interested in your safety and protection. Also, you can promote your safety by refraining from announcing to the world where you and your partner are going for dogging. It can save you a lot of heartaches; it will also protect you from being ambushed. Instead of posting the exact dogging location, you can just tell them the general location. Those who are interested can get in contact with you for details. You can then choose who to invite following your instinct.

Send signals to others

You may be surprised that you are not the only one looking for dogging partners; several other people are also searching for such. Sending signals to them can create a network via which everyone concerned can get a girl who is willing to go dogging. Even the voyeurs at the dogging site may be willing to join you. If you are a woman and you need to go dogging, you can drive to the location and send signals to male voyeurs around to come close. You can also find willing females among the voyeurs.

You can send signals to the voyeurs by flashing the headlight of your car several times or putting on the interior light of the car. You can go a step further by opening the car windows or opening the car doors.


You should avoid being obstinate, persuasive, persistent or impatient. Instead, you should learn to relax so that you can have a fulfilling dogging experience. Being persistent or impatient can chase voyeurs away and prevent you from having fun.

Use protection

One other principal consideration when going into dogging is the use of protection. If you fail to protect yourself, you may contact all manners of sexually transmitted infections and other forms of infections. The use of protection is even more important if you are dogging with a stranger. You do not have the medical history of that persona and are not sure if the person is infected or not, which is a very good reason to protect yourself against eventualities.

Many of those who come dogging may be carrying very strange diseases you know nothing about. Yes, the dogging partner may look clean and prim, but that does not mean the person does not have any sexually transmitted disease; many of the STDs do not start having effects until after months or years of contracting them.

When going for dogging, always buy more than one condom. For all you know, the other participants may not come with a condom. So, you can simply hand the condom over to them to ensure your own safety.

Aside from preventing sexually transmitted diseases, using a condom can equally prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Buy lubricants

Never forget to buy lubricants when going for dogging. Make sure you buy a large amount. There are several brands of lubricants out there, but KY Jelly stands a head taller than virtually all of them. The lubricant makes the sexual intercourse less painful so that you will not end up having pain in your vaginal area. Vaginal bruises can lead to all kinds of infections, which can get complicated and lead to unwanted problems. When handing over the condom, also give your partner some lubricant; it is in your best interest as a female.

Take things slowly

If you are a female, you must be wary of your conducts. Take things slowly so that you can retain your dignity before, during and after the dogging meet. You should know and maintain your limits. If the male is taking things too far, you should be bold enough to tell him to back off. Do not be too timid; timidity can rub everyone involved in dogging of fun.

Respect is reciprocal. You can only be respected if you respect others. You should be ready to show courtesy and respect to everyone participating in dogging with you, including the voyeurs. Bear in mind that you are all in for the same place for the same purpose; you are all partners and you should see everyone in that light. Your behavior must be good to others and you must be of good manners at all times. You should show respect to the ladies and vice versa. Bear in mind that the dogging adventure is not complete without both genders working together.

What are your legal boundaries?

One other thing that you must know before going dogging is your legal rights and boundaries. You must know the laws of the land; that is, the laws that prevail in the locality where you want to go dogging. You should find out if dogging is lawful or otherwise in that locality. Dogging is illegal in some places, while it is not exactly unlawful in some other places. Dogging is not exactly unlawful in a place like the United Kingdom. However, some other countries frown at it strongly and are out to discourage the act. So, know what prevails in that locality before you go dogging there. Never fail to look before you leap.


Do not keep your valuables on your person

When going for dogging, you should avoid keeping your valuables around your person as this can lead to their loss. Look for secret places around the dogging area to keep those valuables. Make sure that they are kept where no one can see them and also make sure no one sees you while hiding those valuables. Some dogging participants are not reliable; some of them only come around to pilfer. Yes, you may be rolling with some bandits and thieves at the dogging location. So, you can prevent their funny harmful, destructive activities by carefully hiding away your valuables. Many dogging stories have taught that things can go wrong if you do not take all the necessary precautions.

Do not give people your real name

You should never use your real name when dogging. Avoid giving other dogging participants your real name as this can hamper your privacy. If you take a closer look at the happenings around you, you will realize that all of those involved in dogging are also not using their real names. Bear in mind that many of those participating in dogging with you are total strangers.

Make sure you keep your relationship with them as minimal as possible. Limit the association to the dogging site since you know next to nothing about many of those participating in dogging with you. For all you know, some of them may have criminal inclinations and tendencies. Not providing your real name will also spare you any unwanted attention by dogging participants. Instead of giving your real name to the doggers, you can simply adopt a pet name for the dogging meet. When choosing a pet name, make sure the name is not related to your real name in any way.

Do not be too casual

Avoid walking or acting casually when dogging and afterward. When the partying is over, do not just drive away or walk home casually. Look around you carefully to find out if anyone is watching you or not. You should be observant of your environment before, during and after the dogging. Being observant will help you to know if anyone is watching or following you.

Do not think you will not find surprises

Yes, you may be surprised beyond your imagination at the dogging location. Yes, you may meet some of your acquaintances at the location, who have also come for dogging. As a result, you may find someone that can identify you at the dogging location. If such a thing ever happens, do not lose your confidence. Hold your head high and forget about what the old acquaintances may say or how they may react. Bear in mind that they too have comer for the same thing: dogging!

Do not leave messed up

After the dogging fun, you should attempt to clean up. Proper cleaning will remove stinks and stains from your body. Aside from cleaning your body, also clean the environment where you have had your fun. You may meet people on the way home and they will despise you because of the stink emanating from you. If you leave the dogging site unclean after you have used the place, you may not meet the place open next time when you want to visit the place for dogging. If you are dogging on the beach, make sure the entire place is kept clean after the beach dogging.


The points above can guide you on how to carry out dogging safely so that you do not end up getting into trouble. Dogging can be enjoyable and fun-filled, but you may not experience all the fun if you fail to ensure your safety before during and after the dogging. Dogging is getting more important and the number of people involved in is also increasing by the day. As a result, the risk involved is increasing by the day. As a result, you should ensure your safety before visiting any location for dogging.

Dogging simply translates to having sex with a total stranger in a public place with other people watching the act.

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