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Dogging Location
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Australia Outdoor Dogging is a sexual slang. It refers to a form of sexual activity carried out while others are watching. The others watching during the course are doing so with the consent of the man and woman engaging in the sexual activity.

Such sexual activity is usually carried out in the public, including several public places like parks, garages, woods, inside cars, on the roadsides and several other places. In most instances, dogging is an illegal activity and the law frowns at it. Despite being illegal, it has become very popular in several countries, including the UK and Australia.

The popularity of dogging is rising by the day to the extent that many of the doggers around have specific locations where they carry out their dogging activities. Also, new locations are being found on a daily basis across the countries where dogging activities take place. Many of those involved in dogging are using the opportunity to inject life back into their sexual lives.